Chairman's speech

The objective of The Chamber of Commerce and Industry France India (CCIFI) is to inform and familiarize our members, both French and Indians, to our respective environments. One of the major barriers of entry into our respective markets is the lack of information. Therefore, CCIFI has taken up the role to aid our members in understanding the particularities of the Indian and French markets.


The trade between France and India remains relatively weak. However, there are many potential fields in which French and Indian companies can collaborate such as Research and Development, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Agriculture (including food processing), Infrastructure, and Tourism. The synergy of French technical know-how and the abundance of Indian brain and manpower represents a unique potential to combine quality, cost and service.


There are many opportunities to be seized. It is important for our companies both, French and Indian, to be more enthusiastic and less reluctant. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry France India is there to help them understand each other better and strengthen the existing link between our two great nations.