This page aims at providing information regarding visas requirements

Please note:
The validity of a visa begins on the day it is issued by the Embassy of India and not on the date of departure.

Tourist Visa
This visa will allow you to travel to India for holidays, visit monuments, meet friends, attend a wedding...
Required documents

Business Visa
This visa allows you to travel to India to search for commercial partners, attend a conference within your company or attend a business fair, attend business meetings, visit factories, sign contracts...
The list of missions possible with a Business Visa is detailed on the checklist.
Please note: to work in India and live threr as an expatriate, you should apply for an Employment visa.
Required documents

Entry Visa

This visa allows you to travel to India for a longer period.
Entry visas are restricted to applicants with the following cases:
    -a person of Indian origin
    -spouse or children of a person of Indian nationality or origin
    -dependents of a person holding an Employment visa
    -applicants wishing to settle down in Auroville
    -applicants travelling to India for acclaimed mountaineering expeditions
    -applicants wishing to join an ashram or follow a course in yoga, meditation or Vedic culture
Required documents

Transit Visa
This visa allows you to travel to India for a very short period in which you can change flights at an airport. You are also able to leave the transit zone of the airport. 
Required documents

Employment Visa
This visa allows you to travel to India to work for an Indian company, to become an expatriate in an international company or organisation... 
Please note: that immmediate family members of a person travelling  to India with an Employment visa should apply for an Entry visa.
Required documents

Journalist Visa
This visa allows people working in specific fields of activity to travel to India on a professional basis or to travel to India for personal or tourist purposes. 
Required documents

Student Visa

This visa allows you to travel to India to:
    -study at a university or technological institute
    -take part in an academic exchange programme
    -do an internship in a company
    -follow a course in a language school, dance school or music school...
Please note: that to enrol in yoga, meditation or vedic culture courses, and ENtry visa would be required.
Required documents

Conference Visa
This visa allows you to travel to India to attend a conference organised by the Indian government (mathematics conference, medical conference...)
Please note that to attend a business conference in your field of activity or a conference arranged by a company or to attend a business fair, you must apply for a Business visa.
Required documents

Research Visa
This visa allows research professors or scholars to conduct research work in India.
Required documents

Where and When to deposit

The Embassy of India accepts visa applications from general public only through its outsourcing partner VF Services (UK) Ltd. at its centres in Paris, Marseille and Lyon at the following addresses:

Paris Visa Application Centre:
42, Rue de Paradis
75010 Paris.
Closest Metro Line (M7) - Poissonnière
Closest RER Line ( RER B & RER D) - Gare Du Nord

Marseille Visa Application Centre:          
18/22, Rue Edmond Rostand
13006 Marseille
Nearest Metro Station: Estrangin-Prefecture

Lyon Visa application centre:
Immeuble Danci B 21 avenue Georges Pompidou
69486 Lyon Cedex 03
Nearest Metro station: Lyon Part Dieu

In addition, VFS has also set up drop in point at Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Lille and Nice located at:

VF Services (UK) Limited
La SARL Transfert,
335 rue Georges Bonnac,
VF Services (UK) Limited
Les Espaces de Sophia - Bât. F, 80,
Route des Lucioles - B.P. 37,
06901 Sophia Antipolis Cedex

VF Services (UK) Limited
Immeuble Atria
3 quai Kleber
67000 Strasbourg

For further detailed information please visit:


Indian Embassy